Optimising SEO for People, Not Just Google

16 Oct

SEO is necessary for ranking highly on Search Engines and most importantly Google. Without optimizing your website, you don’t have any chance of improving your site’s SERP ranking. However, SEO shouldn’t be done just to impress Google. You need it for reaching your target audience too. The metrics for SEO have changed in the past few years. No longer is it now just a case of putting in a few keywords or throwing in a few links. You have to tailor the content according to the needs of the people or Google won’t rank it highly and the people won’t even give a second look to it.

How to Optimize SEO for People

When optimizing SEO for the people, you should pay more attention to your content. It should be composed in a way to grab the attention of the people. Do remember that mere keyword stuffing isn’t going to achieve that, so avoid it. Moreover, the content should encourage the people to take the next step and move towards the ultimate goal which is to make a sale. This requires using call-to-actions that drive the people through the funnel. It is also important to find out what your target audience is looking for and what kind of search queries they are going to input into the search engine. You then have to create content that answers those queries.

Aside from content, the design and appearance of the website is another area which becomes important when optimizing SEO for the people. You must ensure that the website loads quickly. Viewers don’t like websites that take long to load and might go to another website before your website even loads. Therefore, minimal use of flash and video should be done on the homepage as this will ensure quick loading of the website.

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